About Me

Dear Readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog, and it is a pleasure to have you here.  I have started this blog to share content on how to simplify your wardrobe and make it work for you.   I am a girl who loves fashion but wants to achieve minimalism at the same time; well at least my version of it.  I want to be able to own timeless pieces that will be around for a long time, and at the same time have a half empty closet.   Simplifying your wardrobe means knowing what to add to your collection, reducing clutter, have something to wear for every occasion and saving money in the long term, not forgetting looking great at all times.


I work in a processional environment that is high-stressed, so working on my blog is an avenue to help me de-stressed from my daytime job and explore one of my life  long passion of Fashion and writing which I keep moving to the bottom of the list.   I am also married and I have a beautiful little boy who keeps me ever so busy and I am loving all of it.


I will be adding new content every Monday given my busy schedule as a working mom.  I look forward sharing  with you the multiple ways that one item can be worn and the art of mix and match items in your closet to make it work for you.  I also look forward sharing new items that I will be adding to my collection and any travels that I have done.


Thank you very much for reading and visit again soon.  Have a fantastic day.

Everyone needs a little guilty pleasure!