We have often heard that a great fitted pair of jeans is the most difficult thing to find.  And if you are like most women who are always on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, you will agree with this statement.  Once you find one that fits you great, you almost never wear anything else in your closet, or you start the worry of finding another pair once this pair comes to the end of its life. 

Of course it doesn’t help, that by the time you find  a style  and fits that works great on you, it is no longer in fashion or it becomes dated.  Over the years my taste in Jeans have evolved, but so did the Jeans market.  Jeans today comes in all sort of fabric and style to choose from.  I now only look for very soft and stretchy fabric for maximum comfort.  Anything else that does not fit this criteria, I would pass.  Like most of you out there I have also own and tried on jeans of every brand and every price point and 99% of them are always unsatisfactory; and I am sure the fault is mine, not the brand :).   However, the brand that has stuck with me over the years is the AG Brand.  The AG Jeans are cut to fit to perfection and they are super flattering, super comfortable, and super stylish.  These AJ Jeans are also my top pick when traveling.  I am someone that would have never boarded an aeroplane wearing a pair of jeans.  The thought of sitting for hours in an uncomfortable pants was too dreadful.  Today, these AG Jeans are my go to when traveling mainly because they almost feel like my pajamas.

Personally I wear jeans in all seasons with the exceptions to very hot days.  I also wear my AG Jeans every where including work. The black AG Jeans featured in this post is made from a non-jeans material (for a lack of a better word), that is a cross between a trouser and a jeans.  This works very well for work or events where Jeans are no appropriate.  This way, I get the best of both world.   I mostly try to select fabric that are very thin, silky and stretchy.  So to add extra warmth in the winter, I would add a pair of tights, and for the warmer days, the pants will be thin enough to still keep cool.

Since starting with AG jeans I also found that my jeans last  longer when compared to cheaper brands.  So although these Jeans are much much more expensive, they last longer, fit great and they are super comfortable. In the past, I used to struggle with rips and tears only after wearing them for about a year, which was very frustrated because it was such a waste of money not to mention the impact it has on the environment.

Now, when I go shopping for Jeans, I almost never look or try on a different brand unless there is something in the fabric or style that catches my attention.  Instead, I go directly to the shelf with the AG jeans to check out what is new.  The AG Jeans are super comfortable, super stretchy and super soft;  they almost feel like my pajamas and I would highly recommend these Jeans to anyone.  Although they are an expensive pair of jeans, they are worth the investments and you will get your money’s worth.  Read A Maje Jacket for more pictures of the AG Jeans.



AG Jeans

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