stuart weitzman reserve boots fashion lookbook

The Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots are an over the knee boot style with a fashionable 1 ¾ inch heel which makes them very comfortable for walking and doing errands.  At the moment, they come in two types of materials; black leather and various-coloured suede.  These Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots are by far my most used closet piece for the winter.

When I started my research on the Stuart Weitzman Reserve boot, I saw that women everywhere were getting them  in many colours, and I never understood why.  I have now owned my boots for 3 winters, and they are one of the best investments I have made.  At the time it did hurt my wallet (and shocked my husband :)), but these Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots are the only dress boots that I own and I wear them everywhere – they look and feel amazing.  I had been obsessed over these boots for a while prior to owning them, and had saved diligently for the day to own a pair.  The colour choice was a hard one for me, because although it comes in black, choosing a black also comes with two options; suede or leather.  The leather in my opinion is more practical; less cleaning and maintenance when compared to the suede. Leather will last longer and once you take good care of it, the longevity of it can be rewarding.  However, when I tried on the black suede, OMG, it was so stunning and classy, I was in love and torn at the same time.  Needless to say, I went with the practical choice (leather), but I still continue to drool over the suede.

Stylish – My Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots have really held up well over time;  I wear these boots almost every day starting in the fall, since they keep my legs warm and they look great with almost all of my outfits.    These boots in particular work great with shift dresses and sweater dresses – they just look amazing.  I am always getting compliments everywhere I go.  The key (in my opinion), is to allow a little space (gap) between the top of the boot and your dress or skirt.  Allowing a little part of the leg to show through looks very sexy, and you would want to wear it every day because it makes you feel so beautiful and comfortable.  I am always getting compliments and strangers are always eyeing my boots which is always a good sign, right?   However, my all time favorite is pairing these boots with leggings and a long sweater; my signature look.  All I can say is that these boots are a head turner.  So make the investment, you will not regret it.

Comfort – What surprised me most about these boots is that they were very comfortable.  Usually, I am very picky about footwear because almost everything hurts my feet, and I need to break-in or mould new shoes to my feet before I can go long hours wearing them.  But the Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots were different.  From day one, I went hours shopping and running errands with no signs of blister, soreness, or any discomfort.  Then I wore then the next day and the next day without any problem or issues….and that alone was worth my investment.  A plus to these boots as well, is that they keep my legs warm.  Just pairing these bad boys with tights or hosiery is all I need to keep warm in the colder months.   However, I must say that I have been avoiding wearing these in snowy days as you need more practical winter boots for ice and slush, etc.

Comparison to Stuart Weitzman 50/50 – The Stuart Weitzman 50/50 were the first style they launched, and they are still around because they are a beautiful pair of boots and very stylish and comfortable.  The Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots were launched after the 50/50 and are still around as well.   The difference is that the Reserves are a more shapely boot than the 50/50, meaning that front of the Reserve boots is an almond shape which makes it a bit more narrow when compared to the 50/50 that has a round shape and can accommodate wider feet. However, although the the Reserves are narrower, they are still comfortable enough for wider feet; so both boots are worth a try.   For the Reserves, the heel height is measured at approximately 1 ¾ inches, while the 50/50 heel height is a 1 inch heel.  This means that the Reserves will give you more lift without any discomfort.

Price for Stuart Weitzman Reserve boots –  These bad boys retail for $750 Canadians plus 13% taxes and can be found at any of the Stuart Weitzman stores or major department stores.  However, popular sizes seem to sell out very quickly, so don’t be disappointed if your size is not available when you are ready to buy;  so monitoring is recommended.

Care for your Boots – I take good care of these boots!  I usually clean them once a week by wiping them with the boot Rescue wipes from Stuart Weizman then I spray them to protect the leather and to increase their longevity.  When I take them off, I try to brace them up so that they are in a standing position, and I make sure that I leave them out of the way from high traffic area in my house so no one can step on them.  I have been using these boots for the last 3-4 winters and they still look great.  After the winter, I would clean them, stuff them with paper and return them to the box and pack away to protect them.

Conclusion – These boots are worth the investment.  They are stylish, comfortable, practical, and they will mix and match well with your wardrobe.    They will not ride down on your legs as some other over the knee boots do and they will keep your legs warm in the winter.  The only con I can think about is that it can be a struggle to put them on and take them off since they have no zipper opening, etc.  However, wearing them with a thin pair of long socks will make this process easier.   Please let me know if you own a pair of these boots and if you like them.