This simple but yet gorgeous outfit starts with two basic essential pieces that every wardrobe should have; a White Collarless Blouse which can be easily switch from Day to Evening, and a Black Leather Skirt.  If you are familiar with the famous Alicia Florrick character on the Good Wife, then you would know of the famous white blouse that was featured over and over again in many different episodes.

What was appealing to me with this collarless blouse, was that it was paired perfectly with a blazers, which unlike the traditional white shirt, added a more feminine and dressy appeal to her outfits.   Since then, I have been on the hunt for a similar blouse to add to my collection.  It wasn’t only until recently, I discovered this top from Alice and Olivia that was very similar.   It is a beautiful silk blouse that looks and feels luxurious.  It is such a stunning piece, that it can easily be adapted to evening wear as well.  This Collarless  Alice and Olivia Top comes in both black and white, and it is in the form of a body suite that is super comfortable and soft to the skin.  One thing to note however is, if you are planning to wear this top in an office environment, then a Blazer or Cardigan would be required, as most of your back will be exposed.

Adding this White Cybil  Halter Bodysuit to your collect will be a great investment as it provides endless options to build many many outfits, and you will no doubt enjoy this piece for many years to come.  Here is a link for the Leather Skirt review.

Alice and Olivia Top with Reiss Leather Skirt

Alice and Olivia Top with Reiss Leather Skirt and Burberry Trench Coat

Alice and Olivia Top with Reiss Leather Skirt


Top:  Alice & Olivia

Skirt: Reiss

Coat:  Burberry