Is a Leather Pencil Skirt really worth the investment?  Buying a genuine leather skirt in today’s economy can be a hefty investment for anyone, and requires some thought and contemplation before handing over your hard-earned cash.

Although I have loved and admired Leather Skirts for years, I have only recently made the plunge and purchased a Reiss Leather Pencil Skirt.  It is however, only partially leather, as only the front and sides are leather and not the back.  But when I tried this skirt, the fit was perfect and very flattering compared to the other skirts I have tried.

Here are some of my reasons for making the investment:

Stylish – Anytime I have seen anyone wearing a leather skirt, the first impression I got was that the person was very stylish.  A leather skirt has an edgy vibe and dresses up an outfit without any effort.

Versatile – One of my main reasons for making such a huge investment without the guilt is that a leather pencil skirt can be worn to many different occasions, unlike your traditional pencil skirt that is mostly suitable for the work environment only.   In addition to work, a leather skirt can be worn on Saturday night outings, weekend brunch, parties, movies, dates, etc etc etc.  It is such a versatile piece that it can be paired with various tops from a simple white T-shirt, to very formal, and dress tops to achieve any look desire.

Timeless & Classic – As long as I can remember, a leather skirt has been on a continuous fashion trend with no signs of becoming dated.  Which can only mean that it will be a piece that can be worn over the years and will remain a classic in your closet.

Simplicity – Adding a Leather Skirt to my collection helps to simplify and reduce my wardrobe pieces.  For starters, it helps to eliminate other similar skirts in my collection, since this one piece can be worn to many different occasions. It also makes getting dress very simple and fuss-free, since I can pair this skirt with almost any top in my closet for any occasion.

Although my husband wasn’t happy with the bill 🙂 , I tried to convince him that this REISS Leather skirt went well with almost all tops in my collection.  I would love to hear your opinion if you are considering making the investment on a leather skirt.

Reiss Leather Top paired with Reiss Top for fashion lookbook

Reiss Leather Top paired with Reiss Top for fashion lookbook

Reiss Leather Top paired with Reiss Top for fashion lookbook


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Skirt:  Reiss Leather Skirt

Top: Reiss Top (Robin Off White)

Shoe:  Christian Louboutin