Leggings are my most worn piece in my closet for the simple reason they are super comfortable, and as such have become my signature style.  Everyone that knows me would have seen me in leggings at some point.  They truly feel as if I am running around in my pajamas.  🙂 .  These are my go to outfit if I am running late, as they can be paired very easily for a quick outfit and most importantly, they can be dressed up or down so they can be very versatile which cut down on my getting dress time to minutes.   In this post, I have paired my favorite slacks with a Sandro Striped Cotton top that is stylish enough for most occasions such as: work, running errands, hanging out with friends etc.  This top is long enough to pair with leggings, and it features  a very stylish collar that makes it an ideal piece for dressing up or down.    This outfit is accessories with my Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps (100 mm), and Celine Mini Luggage, along with Gucci sunglasses.